The four-stage teacher-training program offers a profound knowledge of the Colourstrings© method.


The training program is directed at:

  • Teachers who wish to start teaching with the Colourstrings© method
  • Teachers who have already taught using the Colourstrings© method and now wish to deepen their knowledge
  • Teachers who wish to become a fully certified Colourstrings© teacher 



Training program

Phase 1 online course

Phase 2 live course

Phase 3 live course

Phase 4 online course

Phase 1

Introduction into the basics of the method – online module

Video tutorials and written material will allow you to study at your own path. Open for everyone, interested in Colourstrings. 

Phase 2

Admission requirements:

  • Completion of Phase 1 or another basic course with one of the tutors from our team

The intensive course provides a profound knowledge into the  Colourstrings© teaching material and the Colourstrings© philosophy, which is based on Zoltan Kodaly’s pedagogical principles.

It includes workshops on bow guiding, stopping movement, vibrato and different bowings to beginners, methodology, group teaching and ensemble playing. Participants will be thoroughly advised on how to use the Colourstrings© material.

Your own Colourstrings material will be required at the course. Duration 5-6 days.

Phase 3 (hands-on workshop)

Admission requirements:

  • Completion of Phase 1 (or another basic course with our tutors)     and Phase 2
  • Approx. 50 lessons of teaching per pupil (with at least 3 different pupils) covering Colourstrings books A,B,C,D Sonatini, Duettini and Kreutzerini, Rascals 1 and 2 and Scales for Children 1
  • Familiarity with each page of the Violin Books A,B,C, D Sonatini, Duettini and Kreutzerini, CS scales 1, Rascals 1 and 2   

Understanding of the following basic principles:

  • Bow guiding
  • Molding right and left hand positions
  • Introducing Vibrato

Duration 5-6 days.


In a practical teaching workshop, you will be required to teach any given page from the material listed above (with accompaniment where applicable).

You may bring your own students or teach the children provided, in a workshop situation supervised by teacher trainers.

Teaching material during the workshops:

Exercises and pieces from Colourstrings Books A, B, C, D as well as Duettini,  Sonatini and Kreutzerini and Rascals Books 1 and 2 and Scales for Children 1.

Your own Colourstrings material will be required at the course.


Phase 4


Admission requirements:

  • Successful completion of Phases 1, 2, 3
  • A deep knowledge of Books A-D and all the accompanying material (estimated time after IIB approx. 1-2 years)
  • Basic knowledge of Books E and F, Yellow pages I-III and the chamber music and orchestra material

Video recordings of your own teaching and a short Colourstrings CV should be sent at least six months before enrolling for Phase 4. 

The CV should answer the following questions: 

How long and where have you been teaching with Colourstrings?

How many students have you been teaching using Colourstrings?

Did you attend other Colourstrings courses (besides Phase 2-4)  ? If yes, where and when?  

Have you previously observed Colourstrings teaching at the East Helsinki Music Institute or elsewhere? If yes, when and for how long?

The video recordings must include:

    • Own choice pieces or exercises from Colourstrings Books A, B, C and D, recorded with students of level A, B, C and D during their normal lesson
    • Teaching of scales and Kreutzerini
    • Public student performances of own choice pieces from Colourstrings Rascals Books, Sonatini or Duettini books (with accompaniment where required)

The duration of the recording should be between 20-30 minutes, and including group and individual teaching.

In an online course we will analyze the videos together and discuss and share views on: 

    • Appropriate and relaxed playing positions
    • Intonation and rhythm quality
    • Tone quality, including the facility of the bow, phrasing and   musicality
    • “Inner hearing” of the students                                                                                                                                                                                Duration of the online phase:  4 – 5 days  (daily max. 3-4 hours)                                                                                                                              The teacher trainer reserves the right to award the certificate for this phase, based on the participant´s ability to demonstrate a satisfactory knowledge of the material and the ability to communicate this effectively to the children.                                        If the Phase 4 certificate is not awarded, the attendee will receive a document in recognition of their participation in this phase.                                                                                                                                         To gain a thorough understanding of the Colourstrings method, participants may choose to complete this phase more than once.                                                                                                                        For further information contact
    Grant of the Certification

    Colourstrings© Teachers Certification


    1. Successful completion of the Phases 1-4.

      • Previous completion of a tertiary pedagogy or artistic study of a string instrument, or any other proof of high-level instrumental skills (such as  membership of a professional orchestra, a teaching position at a state music school etc.)
      • Teaching experience with the Colourstrings© method (app. 350 lessons with own students covering Colourstrings Books A,B,C,D, Sonatini, Duettini, Kreutzerini, Colourstrings Scales for Children and the Rascals Books)

    Having fulfilled all of these requirements, the Colourstrings tutors will grant the Colourstrings Teachers Certificate. The Colourstrings Teachers Certificate entitles the holder to use the title

    “Certified Colourstrings© Teacher CCT”.

    Growth and development take time.

    Learning takes practice.

    Take your time!