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Playing an instrument is not just a question of technique.  Above all, it is a human expression.  The child-centered education method lays the foundation for all aspects of musicianship starting from the very first lesson. 


The world of music is made intimately familiar to the child through colourful, lively symbols and pictures. Individual tuition is complemented by group sessions and chamber music. The child thus learns from the very beginning to play with others as a social member of a group.

The teacher creates a nurturing learning environment, in close co-operation with the parents.

About Colourstrings

The first years are the most important in learning an instrument, since they are decisive for the entire musical future of the child. Colourstrings has been developed by Géza and Csaba Szilvay with precisely this in mind, to help create a quality environment for the child’s active experience of music. Learning music as a language, hearing it mentally and expressing it by acquiring the necessary instrumental skills are the primary goals of the Colourstrings method.

The Colourstrings method has its roots in the principles introduced into music teaching by Zoltán Kodály.


Our Mission

The Colourstrings Association (founded in 2009 in Helsinki, Finland) has evolved (2021) into a limited liability company Colourstrings Worldwide Ltd. 

The main purpose of this company is to organize, facilitate and co-ordinate Colourstrings© Teacher Training courses and lectures in cooperation with various partner organizations around the world. 

It is devoted to the the Colourstrings© methodology, the internationally established and successful string teaching method developed at the East-Helsinki Music Institute, by Géza and Csaba Szilvay.

Our unique Colourstrings teacher training includes evidence-based knowledge, related to teaching, learning and psychology.  We aim to provide a modern education in relation to the world we are living in now. 



Our Vision


Colourstrings enriches the life of many teachers and children around the world.

Strings students at Universities are learning about Colourstrings as a natural part of their pedagogical studies.

Our aim is to introduce Colourstrings extensively around the globe and to offer profound knowledge of the Colourstrings© method with our four-phase teacher-training program.






Colourstrings has created fantastic young musicians

I am more than happy for the string teaching pedagogy that this method is spreading around the world. Children who are starting to play a string instrument should have the possibility to start with Colourstrings!

Tabea Zimmermann
Professor for viola at
Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin

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